7 UGLY Shirts Men Should NEVER Wear

August 14, 2023
Today, I’m reviewing a few ugly shirts men should never wear.
  1. Wife beater tank tops. These are designed to be undershirts and can be used to hide nipples by wearing them underneath a shirt or even a t-shirt. But wearing it as a standalone tank top is not sexy because it looks casual, and you look like a Guido. Instead, wear a white tank top that is not an undershirt. The fabric is more jersey-inspired and will not be so tight to make you look like a sausage. You can wear this tank top or as a base layer underneath a button-up. A more stylized version of a tank top that has ribbing around the collar and the arms should also not be super tight. Cut-off t-shirts with open holes on the sides also look terrible on any guy. Booby fat and midsection softness can be seen. Removing the sleeves from the shirt will cause men to look more narrow than a shirt with tighter armholes.
  2. Non-custom white dress shirts. It’s never been easier or more affordable to order custom shirts online. Take your measurements, and boom, you get a fantastic shirt that fits you. Do not buy off-the-rack white dress shirts because of the muffin top, which the military tuck doesn’t work because the shirt pops out as soon as you move. A custom white button-up dress shirt can minimize perceived negatives and not be big and baggy. You can also take the shirt to the next level by having it tailored. They can dart small sections of fabric to tailor it to make it look even more impressive.
  3. Dorky little boy polos. No self-respecting, stylish dude should rock a striped shirt, whether or not it’s a sweater, Henley, or Polo. Striped polos are particularly terrible because they make you look like a dorky little boy. Upgrade your polo and look more stylish. Collars & Co makes sexy badass polos that fit amazing and will not make you look like a sausage.
  4. Button-down collars with suits. A button-down collar is more casual and looks fine underneath a sweater. As soon as you slip on a jacket, the collar must be unbuttoned because it’s inconsistent. A button-down color is casual and looks terrible when mixed with a suit. If you’re not wearing a jacket, you can get away with wearing a button-down collar.
  5. Sports jerseys. You should only wear one of these if you’re going to a sporting event, if you’re a gamer, or if you’re possibly going to a bar to watch a game. They look stupid otherwise.
  6. Skin-tight athletic shirts. Guys wearing skin-tight Under Armor type shirts can look chubby and fat — and make them look like they’re trying too hard. Wear something that’s not skin-tight, reflective, or shiny. Wearing spandex shirts when you manscape can cause the stubble to show underneath, and the stubble can stick to the shirt like Velcro. Instead, wear a cotton shirt that’s a bit looser.
  7. Ugly pit-stained shirts. Yellow discoloration on any shirt is nasty. Typically, it’s caused by the aluminum in an antiperspirant deodorant. Make sure you excommunicate these stained items from your wardrobe. Also, make sure you know how to do your laundry. Understand that you must separate your whites from your darks and not just throw everything together, or else your whites will be gray.

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