6 Ways to Be MORE Attractive than 99% of Men

March 29, 2024
I started posting YouTube videos to help men feel amazing about themselves. Unfortunately, I’ve gone a bit overboard. Some topics I discuss on this channel boil down to six essential steps to look good and feel amazing.

I want to go over these six things because I don’t want you to go down the rabbit hole of self-improvement, not thinking that you’re good enough, and constantly worrying that you’re not doing something you should be doing. If you do these six things, you will be ahead of 99.9% of other guys.

The Essential Six

  1. Have a nice body. Most guys are sloppy and have doughy dad bodies. Looking around the beach or pool, do you look better than most guys? If the answer is yes, you’re ahead of most people. If not, you must get to the gym and eat better. Clean up your diet and stop being stupid.
  2. Dress well. Your style will change the way other people perceive you. It also changes how you perceive yourself when you look in the mirror. If you like what you see, it boosts your confidence and makes you feel better.
  3. Effective body language. A strong stance is critical to master and will set you apart from others whose heads are buried in their phones. Stand up straight and walk like you mean it. Shake people’s hands, smile regularly, and look people in the eye. Give out compliments as well. Engage with people and talk with them. Sound confident and be interesting (as well as interested).
  4. Well groomed. Make sure your body hair is managed, grow a beard, and clean up your eyebrows and nose hair. If you want to regain your real hair if you’re losing it, visit Bosley.
  5. Man of integrity. Are you comfortable in your own skin, or do you put others down? Do you try to act like you’re something you’re not, or are you comfortable being you? Do you follow the herd, or are you your own man? Stand up for what you believe in and be a leader. This will set you apart from others and make you more confident.
  6. Good man. (a) Helping others will improve your self-esteem and confidence. Look for opportunities to assist others, making you look more attractive and confident. It’s good for your soul and will bring you happiness. Happiness should be the goal for everyone. Feel good about life and the man you are. (b) Being a good man doesn’t mean you’re a nice guy or a people pleaser. It doesn’t mean that you’re kissing people’s asses. Have a good moral compass, be a man of integrity, and do what’s right.

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