10 Things That Make Men Look LOW-CLASS!

July 7, 2023
I will be blowing zero smoke up your amazing booty today because I’m going over things that, unfortunately, make you look low-class, trashy, poor, and bad. The truth is some of you are amazing but are doing, wearing, or conducting yourself in a low-class manner. I find this unacceptable.

What screams trashy? These do!

  1. Cursing. Using profanity, saying ignorant shit, being rude, or using many filler words is not classy or eloquent. Learn to speak with class.
  2. Body ornamentation. (a) Tattoos. Having too many tattoos, bad tattoos, or tattoos in the wrong place is low-class and trashy. Trashy. Tattoos on your face, hands, or neck that cannot be covered with a dress shirt or long sleeves are low-class. (b) Facial piercings. They don’t look dope; they look low-class and trashy. I’m not saying you shouldn’t express your individual style, but if you put a ton on your face, people’s perception of you will be low-class.
  3. Smoking. People will automatically know you’re low-class, whether you’re smoking cigarettes or vaping. High-class, intelligent people don’t smoke because their educated and understand the detriment it’s doing to your overall physical well-being. Plus, smoking ruins your complexion and makes your teeth yellow.
  4. Bad teeth. You don’t have to have perfect teeth, but you need to have good oral hygiene. Teeth must be white; you can whiten them quickly and cost-effectively with bleaching strips.
  5. Low-class style. (a) Offensive t-shirts, wife-beater tank tops, baggy oversized shirts, baggy pants, long shorts, yellow armpits, little boy polos, beat-up belts, and not matching leathers with belts and shoes all fall into this category. Anson is your answer to beat-up belts. They are versatile, stylish, clean, and affordable — you will never want to return to a standard belt. (b) Sunglasses inside. You will look low-class wearing sunglasses inside. Take them off!
  6. Stinky smell. This includes body sprays or overpowering cologne. It doesn’t matter if your fragrance is amazing; if you’re wearing too much of it, it’s considered low-class.
  7. Poor grooming game. (a) Hair. Dandruff is low class. Oily, greasy, and dirty hair is low-class. If you have crusty, stiff hair from wearing too much gel, that’s low class too. You don’t look classy if you’re bald and rocking a comb-over. Bad toupees also look low-class. Ensure your hair game is straight by ensuring it’s not too long or out of shape. If you have a longer style, ensure it’s conditioned and maintained. (b) Facial hair. Wild and unmaintained facial hair will make you look like a savage and look low-class. If you have super thin, detailed edges, you will look like a douche and low-class. If your facial hair is super patchy and doesn’t grow in, it’s absolutely nauseating and trashy. (c) Nails. Fingernails and toenails will make you look low-class if dirty, bitten, nasty, and gnarly. You need to take care of your nails.
  8. Sloppy. You look low-class if you’re a slob, whether it’s your body, car, room, or toilet.
  9. Fake designer goods. Whether it’s fake watches, diamonds, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci, you will look low-class if you’re rocking counterfeit gear. Many notable brands are out there that won’t break the bank. Don’t worry about trying to be super cool and fitting in with all the rich ass celebrities.
  10. Low-class mentality. This mindset will automatically make you be viewed as low class. A low-class mentality means you’re rude, ignorant, putting others down, oversexualizing women, and always talking about ass and sex. You need to respect yourself and not do destructive things. Carry yourself with an air of confidence, integrity, and dignity.

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