9,000 Women Said “THIS” Is What {Really} Makes Men Attractive!

January 30, 2023
I’m with Marni from Wing Girl Method today, and I have a question for her: what makes a man attractive according to women? Here’s the thing. Marni has talked to over 10,000 women about men regarding dating, attraction, and more. She has insights that I personally don’t have (and you, gentlemen, don’t have either).

The sexiest men, according to women

A woman looks at a man’s whole package. It’s not just his physical appearance but his whole demeanor, including how he dresses, walks, and carries himself. A woman’s opinion will shift once he opens his mouth, so a guy may be unattractive at first glance, but he will be able to shift that perception.

85% of communication is done non-verbally. If a man opens up his body language, puts a smirk on his face, and makes good eye contact, his brain is tricked into thinking he’s more comfortable – which will make him relax.

Men, put your phones away. Nobody wants to be looking at a guy who’s nervously fiddling with his phone. It’s unattractive and not needed.

A man with good emotional intelligence is sexy. Nowadays, a man must be connected to his emotions. He should be able to express his feelings adequately. This doesn’t mean he should be crying on a woman’s shoulder, nor should he be crying all the time. A man should express vulnerability so she can see that there is more substance to him and that he has emotions. A man who wants to understand himself and seeks help is incredibly attractive as well. You deserve to be happy — check out Better Help and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help.

A man should have social circles to be more attractive. This means having hobbies and getting out of the house (unrelated to work) at least once or twice a week to interact with people. A man who has a social community around him is super attractive. Having friends is also attractive because it’s the halo effect. You need to have your own life, which is another appealing trait.

Having his own life is one of the most attractive things that a guy can do. He’s so busy that he doesn’t respond back right away. It’s hard to throw your phone behind the couch and not respond instantly, so it’s easier if you’re out actually doing something.

Money is attractive because it says that this person knows how to get something done, earn, and provide. There is a caveman effect that happens. Women are still attracted to the old-school ways that are biologically and evolutionarily programmed into us. It’s okay to be a man as long as you don’t put down or belittle women.

The label ‘toxic masculinity’ hurts the good men the most, not the actual toxic men. This label scares good men from putting themselves out there because they are afraid to insult or disrespect. They are scared to do anything that could be offensive in any way.

To end the video, I rapid-fire off some traits (car ownership, dressing well, smelling incredible, being smart, being encouraging, talking down, big wieners), which Marni labels as attractive or non-attractive. Check them out. Do you agree?

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