If a Girl Looks at You… Do {THIS}!

January 19, 2023
Here she is again! Marni, the Wing Girl, is back to help you get a little more action. Here’s the deal: a man sees a woman and thinks she’s spicy, and she sees him and thinks he’s cute (eye contact is made). But then the man freaks out and goes crazy. Marni is here to help us men figure out what to do.

She’s looking at you — now what?

The man needs to take action. If he’s unsure if she’s attracted to him, he should find out by talking to her. Even if she’s attracted to him, she may not be attracted once to him once he starts talking to her and vice versa. If she’s not initially attracted to him, she may actually be attracted to him when they start talking.

If a woman looks over and has an expression that’s not deadpan (emotion versus no emotion), that’s a sign. If she looks back a second time, and there’s more expression and emotion, that’s a green light to go and approach her.

You don’t want to look or shy away when a woman looks at you. If you look away, you indicate that you’re not interested, attracted, or confident. Even if you get thrown off at the very beginning, it’s essential to look back no matter how uncomfortable it is for you. Have a little smirk on your face, have some good eyes that you hold for 2 to 3 seconds, and return to your life. You can then approach the girl and make an introduction and see what happens.

Turn it into a game rather than something that lowers your confidence. Think, “If she’s looking, that’s kind of fun. Now I’m going to look back at her again and see if she has an expression.”

How to approach her

When approaching a woman, you can tell her you like her vibe or energy. Then create a dialogue with her. If she’s engaging you back, that means that’s a conversation in time to play volleyball. Hit the ball back and forth, and be playful and half joking with what you’re saying.

Be very direct. Introduce yourself and then ask for her name. Pickup lines may sound cheesy or fake, but they can be good conversation starters. Marnie suggests observing, sharing, and then asking so that you’re not putting all the pressure on the woman by asking her question after question. You’re taking it on yourself and leading the conversation. Check out the examples that create unique pickup lines for wherever you are.

With any skill set that you want to get better at, it is all about practice. The more you talk and engage and start asking people about their day or making conversations, the better you’ll get. Keep in mind that you’re supposed to fail! Practice on people who ‘don’t matter,’ such as cashiers at the grocery store, a cashier, or a friend, in case you eff it up at first. Practicing with people you come in contact with during the day will put less pressure on you and give you breathing space.

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