Why some people against working out

September 9, 2023

Why are some people so against working out or exercising? The aversion could stem from ignorance (”I can’t lift because I don’t want to get too big”), social anxiety (thinking people are judging them), laziness (making excuses), denial (not thinking exercise is beneficial), pain (being out of shape or having a medical condition), boredom (not having found what truly motivates them), or a combination of any of these.

Another point is many people who enjoy exercise get an endorphin rush that is massively pleasurable and sets up a motivating feedback loop: the more you do, the more it feels good. Some people just don’t get that rush, or it’s very weak.

Realistically, in modern society, many adults barely have time for themselves after waking early to travel to work for 9-10 hours and return just in time for dinner and bed. The cycle continues through the week and doesn’t factor in household chores and other appointments & responsibilities. Sure, everyone has an excuse, but they are probably overworked, with going for an hour run or trip to the gym being the last thing on their mind when they’ve hardly slept and barely any time to simply relax for a bit.

But those who make excuses or work a sedentary job must understand one thing. You have to exercise regularly to have energy. Most of the time, mental fatigue will anchor you to your couch, not physical fatigue. If you can finally push yourself to start, you find you’re more energetic throughout the day everyday and start looking forward to exercising. You have to make time for exercise.

Working out changes your life. When you take care of yourself, EVERYTHING gets better! I started at 12 years old, and it’s the single best decision that I made in my life. My confidence, self-esteem, mental toughness, and resilience have all been positively affected. You owe it to yourself. Just think where you will be next year if you start today! We can be great for ourselves and be the best we can be.

But how long have you been thinking about starting tomorrow? Can you fathom the place you’d be in if you started instead of making excuses? Do not put off tomorrow what you can start today! There is no better time than now to start a fitness program.

If your excuse is that you are too busy, well, we are all busy. If something is a priority (like fitness), you’ll find the time: get up an hour earlier, use your lunch break, stay up an hour later. Find the time to exercise as it’s crucial to your well-being. Don’t neglect your body.

Keep in mind that the most challenging step is the first step. Get to the gym, the park, around your house. Find information, tips, and advice on the Internet. Gyms can seem like a daunting place; however, every piece of equipment has instructions. Start there!

And if your hesitation is that you are not the athletic type, fitness doesn’t require a lot of coordination. You don’t need to be athletic to exercise. And if you’re concerned about getting bulky, it doesn’t happen except to those on steroids or who are chubby.

Don’t even use the “I can’t afford it” excuse because I have you covered here. I will give you the NO EXCUSES workout plan (along with cardio) that doesn’t cost a thing. Besides, you can get fitness memberships that break down to less than $1 a day. But why wait. Start this at-home program that is absolutely FREE.

I have for you today the NO EXCUSES WORKOUT. You can start TODAY… ANY TIME. How about right now? The exercises are simple and easy to do. You don’t need a gym or equipment (aka FREE!), and you can do this in the comfort of your own home (or practically anywhere). Give it a try, and then you can change it up, add to it, and modify it. Good luck, gentlemen. Now get to work.

Home Chest and Triceps Workout — perform three sets (four for extra hard):

  • Elevated Push Ups – kick off with 15 reps
  • Triceps (and Front & Mid Delts) Dips – drag your back along the edge of the chair seat. Get 12 to 15 of these.
  • Floor Push Ups (chest and triceps engaged) – hands shoulder-width apart for 12 – 15 reps
  • Wide Push Ups – get what you can to failure
Leg + Butt Workout

Stationary lunges — stay up on your toe and make sure your knee doesn’t come over the toe. Don’t slam your knee to the ground.
Walking lunges — the trick is to take deep steps (aka long strides). Tap your toe for stability and balance. You can also add weight (gallon jugs filled with water will work) to this exercise.
Jump lunges — alternate legs into lunges via a jump. Don’t perform these if you have bad knees.
Jump squats — these work hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Try 10-15 reps per set.

Abdominal Workout — three sets to start then you can modify the workout to fit your specific needs.

  • Crunches –  I find my ‘sweet spot’ on my butt and hit 15 crunches slowly and controlled. The chair is used for a better range-of-motion.
  • Heels on the chair, lay back with hands behind head, chin to ceiling. Go up and pause. It’s a slight contraction. The elevated legs take away your ability to cheat. Go for 10 reps. Then, perform 10 reps faster in the same position.
  • Keep shoulders elevated and lift your hips for 15 reps. Follow with feet up for 15 pulses.

Two No Excuses Cardio Options

If you want to really get your heart rate up, try my HIIT Workout that doesn’t use any equipment. The workout starts at the 2:15 mark in the video. This HIIT cardio workout is like a giant superset with ‘active rest’ between sets. I count reps rather than messing with a timer, and you can do the reps as fast or as slow as you want.

Next, jumping rope is insane. You can just mimic the movements if you don’t have an actual jump rope. Spice things up with 1-minute jump rope blasts. You can do it slow or double jump. It doesn’t matter because jumping rope is amazing! Give it a try to add to your workout, add to intensity level, or help burn body fat. Dedicate 20 minutes daily in front of the TV or put your iPod in. It’s a great tool for your heart, calves, and burning body fat.

With both of these cardio workouts, you can do them anywhere — as long as you have height. Keep in mind that jump ropes are cheap. They’re versatile, effective, and easily transportable. It’s a win! Your heart, lungs, and legs will thank you!

No excuses! Take care of your body, gentlemen. Your best bet is to find a combination of variables that interest you – venue, people, intensity, etc. Then accept that you will have an adjustment period for the first five times, bare minimum. After that, try something else if you would like, but give it five times at least and see how the sixth feels. But, don’t go extreme because you want to continue years from now. Workout consistently to look good far into the future, and take care of your body to change your life, making you confident and powerful.

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