8 Ways Women Flirt Most Men Miss {Micro-flirting}

February 15, 2024
Men are great at many things, but reading signs that spicy senoritas are throwing our way is not one of them. Remember that some of the spiciest senoritas are the most insecure and worried about rejection, just like you are, so she may not just come out and say she likes you. She will express small and subtle things, almost like low-key micro-flirting. Some, however, are more blatant and obvious.

If you can learn to read the signs, you will get more action. Learn to read the signs and understand that you are the prize. You’ll have more opportunities, but don’t lead her on if you have a significant other.

Signs she wants a piece of you

  1. Overuse of emojis. If you’re texting with a woman and she sends a lot of emojis, that is code for wanting a piece of you.
  2. Able to read your mood. If she can read your mood and call you on it, this is a sign she’s very perceptive and knows what’s going on with you. This means she’s interested in you more than a friend. Also, she’s into you if she supports you and your goals. This one often flies under the radar, but if she’s encouraging, uplifting, and supportive, she wants you.
  3. Eye contact. If she’s staring or looking at you hard, this is a sign she likes you. If you look up and she looks away quickly, that’s also a sign she is staring at you and, thus, likes you.
  4. Touching. You may think she accidentally grazed you, but it’s not accidental. If she’s touching you on the shoulder or hand or if she accidentally grazes your thigh, it’s not by accident. She did it on purpose because she’s all up in your business. Body language proximity is the key here. She is invading your space often, meaning she’s interested in you.
  5. Complimenting. If she compliments you on anything, whether it’s your hair, looks, shirt, or scent, she’s interested.
  6. Touching her hair. If she’s preening, she wants you. This is not an accident if she’s fidgeting with her clothes and ensuring you notice.
  7. Thinking you’re funny. If she’s laughing and thinking you’re funny, you’re not. She is just into you.
  8. Acting mad or pissed off. This means she likes you a lot. Also, the silent treatment is code that you haven’t noticed how much she likes you. They may ignore you if they want you to notice them. You may ask what’s wrong, and they’ll say nothing. If they’re acting a bit cold or distant, this is a sign she likes you.

What if she rejects you?

If a woman ignores or rejects you, who cares. Screw her. Plenty of spicy fish are in the sea, and if somebody’s not interested in you for whatever reason, you must remember you are the prize.

Work on yourself, build yourself into the man you envision yourself as. Take care of yourself and your body. Do not do drugs or drink excessively. Don’t have self-sabotage or do self-destructive things. Dress better, up your grooming game, and engage with people. Make new friends and work towards your dream. If you still need to have a side hustle, develop one. Now is the best time to start a business. Join me in my White Label Mpire Community where the magic is happening, and you can take my blueprint and start making money for yourself.

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