9 WORST Shoe Mistakes Men Make {… and How to Fix Them}!

June 10, 2022
Shoes have the ability to make or break an outfit. If you choose the right shoes, you can take the average outfit and make it perfection. But on the flip side, if you choose the wrong shoes, you can take a potentially great outfit and make it horrendous. To help you elevate your shoe game and always make the sexiest shoe choice, I’m going over some of the biggest men’s footwear don’ts.

Biggest men’s footwear DON’Ts

  1. Don’t wear flip flops or sandals with fugly toes– If you’re wearing them, you have to make sure your toes aren’t funky, nasty, crusty, thick, or discolored.
  2. Don’t wear boat shoes … ever – Boat shoes are ugly. There’s nothing sexy going on. Why would you want to wear something like that when you could wear something sexy like a minimal leather sneaker? You can dress a minimal leather sneaker up or down, they look great with shorts, and they look great with chinos too. You can pair them pretty much with anything.
  3. Don’t waste your money on trendy sneaks – What’s going on with men’s footwear right now is insane as the trends are going to change, and you literally spent a ton of money on super outlandish sneakers that you will never wear again. Instead, go with something more timeless that will work 6 months, a year, or 2 years from now. You need to have the basics covered.
  4. Don’t wear dirty white sneakers – Pro alpha tip is to grab a box of Magic Erasers to keep your soles white and leather clean.
  5. Do not dress up running shoes  — It’s not a good look, and it just doesn’t work. Perfect in terms of the proportion, the Thursday boot white sneaker has a sexy profile that I love.
  6. Don’t have visible no-show socks – Check out my demonstration. You want a new sock that disappears when you slip it on. That’s the whole idea of wearing a no-show sock in the summer.
  7. Don’t wear overly dramatic or pointy footwear – Go for a more subtle toe box that is a bit more natural and versatile.
  8. Don’t wear beat up or scuffed leather shoes – If you don’t have time to polish your shoes or are not interested in learning, grab an Instant Shine Sponge for polishing shoes. You can quickly take out superficial nicks or scuffs.
  9. Don’t wear fake leather shoes – If you are buying fake leather shoes because you think they’re cheaper, they are not in the long-run. You will have to replace cheap plastic shoes more often than leather shoes. If you invest a little more money, the leather shoes will be higher quality and last longer. Thursday Boot offers a premium product for an incredible price, which their shoes not only look better but last longer.

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