8 Hygiene Mistakes MOST Young Men Make

April 11, 2024
What is the number one hygiene mistake that you see men making? Is it a clean mouth? Stinky balls? I want to discuss grooming routines and ensure you have a proper one. Hygiene is the missing component that many guys neglect, but I want to ensure your grooming game is super strong. I will review 10 of men’s most common hygiene mistakes and how to fix them!

Hygiene mistakes and how to fix them

Not trimming or shaving pubes and balls. By reducing the length of the hair, Big Al will look as big as possible. Reducing hair will also reduce trapping odor.

Not powdering or wet-wiping. (a) Powdering your balls will reduce wetness which will help to keep you dryer and smell better. You need to also run a little powder up your butt crack to eliminate swamp ass. (b) After dropping a deuce, there’s clean … and then there’s clean. You need to use wet wipes to make sure you’re squeaky clean. Keep some wet wipes in your bathroom. You can also take some on the road with you. Toss them in your computer bag or put them in your glove box.

Using bar soap or body wash with your hands. An exfoliating product will help remove dead skin cells. Make sure you clean your balls, taint, and crack as well.

Not cleaning your ears after the shower. You must clean your ears right after the shower because everything will be softer and easier. Do not neglect the folds of your ears. You can use tissue around your index finger to trace your ear and ensure it’s clean. You can get clogged pores and blackheads in your ears, which is pretty nasty. You can use a Q-tip for the canal.

Not taking care of your mouth properly. If you don’t take care of it properly, you can get stinky breath, funky gums, and nasty teeth. Do not use a standard crusty toothbrush. A manual one will not be as effective as an upgraded toothbrush. My toothbrush vibrates and oscillates. Check out the video for details. Besides brushing, you also need to floss using proper flossing techniques. Flossing is about gum health and getting in and under your gums. Also, do not brush too aggressively because your gums can recede.

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. You should sleep on a silk pillowcase because it’s better for your skin and complexion. It absorbs less moisture than cotton, so your face will retain more moisture.

Improperly washing and caring for your skin. Wash your face twice a day and use a quality facial cleanser.

Not caring for your hands. (a) Not washing your hands regularly is a mistake. If you don’t wash your hands often, you can transfer dirt and oil to the rest of your body. You should wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. (b) Having gnarled, nasty, bitten, dirty, and crusty nails is a deal-breaker. Make sure your nails are clean and healthy. Invest in the manicure kit with all the tools needed for your hands, feet, and nails. Cut your nails after the shower because your nails will be softer and easier to clip. Follow the nails around, making sure not to cut them square. File afterward to clean any jagged edges. Using Vaseline on your cuticles will help to keep them healthy. Women do notice your hands!

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